Frequently Asked Questions

here is a short section about this exchange.
due to the increasing moments between yutoyama, a bunch of us have came together to host this exchange. this is to increase the fics, spread the love and have fun in general. this is open to writers and there is a lot of freedom. here would be some answers to frequently asked questions.

Updated for: hsj 7th anniversary exchange

Who runs the project?

x mak (lissagani | obsessed_makpa)
x yacchan ( | yatsuiko_chan)
x megane (koi-bumi | nightbaron079)
x riko (basashichigo | re_riko)

Who can participate? How do I sign up?
Anyone who has a Livejournal or Tumblr account can sign up. Please email your details to yutoyamaexchange@gmail.com if you are keen in participating in this exchange. The email should contain the following sign-up sheet:

Tumblr/Livejournal/AO3 account: (do write all if you have all)
Have you read all the rules of the exchange?
Do you agree to follow all the rules posted for the exchange?

What are you willing to do:
What are bonuses for you:

An example sign-up sheet would look like this

Name: Riko
Tumblr/Livejournal/AO3 account: basashichigo (tumblr) / re-riko (livejournal) / rikotan (ao3)
Have you read all the rules of the exchange? Yes
Do you agree to follow all the rules posted for the exchange? I agree to follow the rules of the exchange, in which I will hit the minimal word count for my recipient and will keep my fic a secret (i.e. no spoilers).
Request: (insert your request for your anon pair to write about, please be as detailed as possible. include what you want, what you don’t want.)
What are you willing to do: (do be as specific as possible)
e.g. for writers: I am willing to write any genre except smut. I write better bittersweet angst in my opinion.
e.g. for others: willing to do any genre except … etc.
What are bonuses for you: (things that would make you extremely happy to see being put in, but not necessary)

What is the YutoYama Exchange schedule?
For hsj 7th anniversary 2014, the current schedule is as follows:

Sign-ups: July 23 - August 02, 2014
Notification of Pairings: August 03 - August 05, 2014
Dropping out dateline: August 27, 2014
Check-in: August 27, 2014
Final submission: September 14, 2014
Start of Posting: September 19 - 21, 2014
Reveal and Masterpost: September 24, 2014

A masterpost of this exchange would be posted at the end of the posting.

Which pairs can I make media for?
In case the name isn’t obvious enough, this exchange is strictly for YutoYama (Nakajima Yuto and Yamada Ryosuke of Hey! Say! JUMP). Side-pairings are allowed as long as the recipients does not mind. As much as possible though, please keep the fic, art, or mix, YutoYama-centric :)

When will I get my assignment?
Assignments should be sent out 1 - 3 days within the closure of the sign-ups. Please check your emails for the assignments! If you have not received your assignment by August 05, 2014 (summer exchange 2014), please email us at yutoyamaexchange@gmail.com. Don’t forget to check your spam folder just in case, before emailing us.

How are writers and recipients matched up?
Writers and recipients are matched through their media wishes, rating, and preferences. Anything more is a bonus.

I’m not going to be able to complete my assignment, what do I do? Can I have an extension?
Sorry, no, you would not be able to get an extension. Please contact the moderators immediately if you do not think you would be able to finish this on time. We wouldn’t bite, promise!
Just contact us before or on August 27, 2014 (summer exchange 2014) (2359, GMT +9, JPN time) so we can contact a pinch-hitter.

What is the check-in?
The check-in is our way of checking to see how our participants are doing with their media.
It is not required, however, feel free to use that time to let us know if you are on schedule or having difficulties (or having fun) with this exchange :)

Pinch Hitting
What is pinch hitting?
Sometimes an assigned writer has to drop out of the challenge. In this case, the moderators will try and find another writer so that everyone has a story.

I’d like to volunteer as a pinch hitter, how can I do that?
If you think you would have enough time to finish your assigned fic, or would just like to volunteer as a pinch hitter for the exchange, you can do so by signing up to:

Tumblr/Livejournal account:
Have you read all the rules of the exchange?
Do you agree to follow all the rules posted for the exchange?
Note: I am signing up as a pinch hitter. I accept that I have to finish the media if a participant drops out. I will still finish the media assigned in the remaining time, without extension. :)

How exactly does this work?
If you applied to be a pinch hitter, the moderators will immediately email the group of pinch hitters in case someone drops out. We will email the list with the details of the uncompleted work. The pinch hitters will the respond to the email if they see any prompts that interest them. The pinch hitter to be assigned to the fic would be chosen at random.
Pinch hitters may express their interest in more than one incomplete idea but ultimately, will only be assigned to one.

I didn’t get a pinch hit, can I write a story for that person anyway?
Go ahead! You can always write one as a gift for the other person and for the fandom. The more media, the better!

What is the dateline for pinch hits?
For most pinch hits, the deadline would be the same as everyone else (refer to the current schedule above).

How can I contact the moderators?
If you have any further questions after reading this FAQ, email us at yutoyamaexchange@gmail.com or just leave an ask in our tumblr ask box, or just leave a comment here.
Individual moderators are also contactable through our various accounts linked right at the very top of this FAQ post.

Will there be another YutoYama Exchange?
It hasn’t been set yet, but it will all depend on the reaction and success of our current ‘summer exchange 2014’! Do voice out if you are interested to have another exchange, we are open to suggestions to improve.
Feel free to voice your interest in another exchange or suggestions through our ask box or email.

We are doing it as long as there's support for it! \o/

Reminder: This exchange is for the fans, by the fans. Do appreciate the effort that everyone puts into their art, fic, or mix. Also, remember to have fun! We are all in this fandom together. Spread the love!